Monday, September 5, 2011

Mini Cooking Vacation

Hello Blog World... This being my first post, let me start off by introducing myself.  I am Marylin and I love to cook.  I find myself constantly researching different recipes, watching cooking shows, and experimenting in my own kitchen.  I started this blog to have a platform in which to share my culinary creations with all of you!  Please let me know what you think...

The title of my blog "The Accidental Chef" was created by my amazing boyfriend for 2 reasons.  The first one being that I can be a little clumsy, or as he puts it "accident prone".  I am constantly tripping, bumping into things, dropping things and as he would say, putting myself in harms way.  I can literally guarantee you that I will drop one piece of whatever I am cutting or prepping on the floor... (I then throw it away of course!)  I guess you figured out the first meaning of the title in this lovely description of my special coordination.  The second meaning of the title is that I didn't even know that I liked to cook.  My mom is a take-out professional and only has one recipe that she has mastered... Spaghetti! Bless her heart she tries but she much rather do the entertaining and hosting and leave the cooking to restaurants.  The odds were not in my favor to catch on to this cooking thing.  

About 2 years ago, I met my soulmate and he was very dedicated to his health and fitness.  I started to learn the importance of analyzing the foods I was taking in.  We try and stick to the Paleo Lifestyle. Of course nothing is perfect but we are very committed to eating as clean as possible. Since the best way to control what you eat is to cook it yourself...well you can figure out the rest.

So on to the blogging! 2 weeks ago we took a mini vacation to the west coast of Florida with some great friends.  I remember when I started packing I was more concerned with what I would be taking for my kitchen supplies than anything else.  I was the official cook of the trip and I took on the task with a huge smile.

Our friend's 5 year old son was very good at eating whatever was served. This kid loves fruits, vegetables, and is a great eater... What more could you ask for.  I made him scrambled Nest Fresh eggs with an organic clementine.

For the adults, I opted to be a little more fancy... I made it a point to set the table for every meal and make it a dish worth photographing (even though we were on vacation).  I made a 3 egg spinach and feta cheese omelette with rosemary roasted potatoes, and an organic orange cut in quarters.

I always take my time when plating my meals because even though it is just for us, it is important that it looks as good as it tastes.  

Please feel free to comment!  

The Accidental Chef,


  1. My dear little friend....what an exciting site!!! Cannot wait to follow it! Please post post post and share ingredients as well! Luv u!!

  2. I love it!!!! Your photos look mouth watering and You know I'm a picky eater!!! I'm so excited you've started blogging and so excited to be on the journey with you. Im now off to catch up on all your you!!!!

  3. Marylin, thank you so much for turning me on to your blog! I'm sharing it with my mother, (who will hopefully cook some of your dishes for me. :-) ) my sister, who loves to cook in a health conscious way for her husband and son, and my friend Mike, who just loves to eat and eat good! All your posts as well as the smell of that cauliflower rice dish just make my mouth water!
    Let the cooking commence! :-)
    Carlos Thomas

  4. Thank you Carlos!! I hope you all enjoy the food... =)

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