Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Month in Food! ~ January 2012

For those of you who know me, you may have noticed that I have been a cooking machine these last 31 days.  We challenged ourselves to have every meal come from our kitchen.  We succeeded with the exception of 3 days... Not too bad!  Especially considering it was a birthday packed month, including my Love's Birthday!  We made sure to have our traditional "January Birthdays" meal where we celebrate everyone at one time so it doesn't become a 4 weekend eating out extravaganza... With that said, we kept it pretty paleo.  We went to Graziano's (an Argentinian Steak House) here in Miami and had amazing steaks and veggies, although we did sneak in a little dessert...

So let's get this Photo Blog Post Started...

Slow-Cooked Brisket and Mixed Green Salad

Garlic Chicken and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

My Dad's Birthday Celebration... I cooked my famous CauliFried Rice!

Catch Your Own Dinner Day!

The Result!... A Fish Bake with a medley of veggies!

Brock Pot Bottom Roast with Greenbeans & Mushrooms

Pork with a Cucumber Salad, Veggies, and Avocado

Lettuce Carnita Tacos

Flank Steak with Sauteed Spinach and a Sweet Potato

 January Birthday Dinner!!

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Assorted Bell Peppers

Leftovers ALWAYS become lunch, so cook extra! ;-)

Heriloom Tomato Salad courtesy of our CSA Box...

Plan, Prep, Cook, Store, Repeat... (Story of My Life!)... =)
Citrus and Garlic Marinated Porkchops with Grilled Balsamic Eggplant

Crockpot Bottom Round Beef made in Jalapeños!  Assorted Veggies on the side. 

Leg of Lamb with Radishes and Avocado. Also made Sweet potato and veggie soup...

Avocado Stuffed Spicy Buffalo with Heriloom Tomato Pico de Gallo

Delicious Heriloom Tomato Salad with a Cilantro Lime Dressing. All ingredients came from our #csa

Spinach and Tomato Omlette with Strawberries

Our Trip to the Butcher Shop for Grassfed Meats and Wild Caught Fish

Mis en Place for my Chicken Soup... We make this Weekly!  It's just that good... ;-)

Finished Product.. Added some good fats with the 1/2 Avocado...

Fried Eggs with Fruits

Mixed Veggies for a BBQ we had with Friends... Made some marintated pork chops like the ones from a few pictures up... Deeeeelish!

Sunday Night (1/29/12- I sat down and planned my upcoming week)...

January 30, 2012... Check out this recipe for Brussel Sprout Chips!... AMAZING! Yes, NomNom again! Check out that delicious Grassfed Ribeye...

January 31, 2012... Protein, Carb, & Fat... That's the name of the game!... I even made some Paleo Spicy Mayo (Chipolte Peppers in Adobo and Cilantro to make it Spicy) from my Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook.  For lunch I had leftover Chicken & Veggies and back by popular demand... Avocado Stuffed Spicy Buffalo for dinner...
That was a long post!... I'm tired just writing it all.  It was hard work cooking mostly all of our food this month but well worth it!  I have lost 10lbs with mild sporatic workouts.  (Did I mention we started a burpee challenge amongst a group of friends?) This upcoming month (meaning tomorrow)... I am challenging myself to start incorporating workouts 3 times per week minimum!  Wish me luck!...

I want to post all of the recipes of the dishes I showed you today, but I want to start with the ones you liked the most.  Leave a comment with your favorite looking dish and I will post them this weekend!!!...

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Happy Cooking Friends!!

The Accidental Chef,
Marylin Pina

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  1. 10 lbs in a month with sporadic workouts is AWESOME!!! Imagine if you were working out 4 times a week!!